How to Play Four Colors Cards to Get Huge Rewards Immediately at Game Bài Đổi Thưởng

How to play four colors card game How is that what many Game bài đổi thưởng members are wondering. Because this is one of the very popular card games on the house’s online entertainment platform at the present time. We will share details on how to play this game right now.

What does it mean to play four-color cards?

In fact, this is a familiar card game from a long time ago, imported from China. Currently, the game is present in Game Bài Đổi Thưởng’s card game store and is loved by many people.

This game uses a separate deck of cards marked with Chinese characters, not the usual 52-card deck. How to play this four-color card game is quite difficult, but if you understand the basic rules, you will easily win the prize if you are the first to arrive in that game.

Terminology and money calculation in the four colors card 

When learning about the game, you need to understand common terms as well as the basic playing sequence and scoring methods to confidently play:

Terms to remember in the four-color card game

In this card game, you will come across a lot of strange-sounding terms. But each of these terms will have different meanings. When learning how to play four-color cards, you must understand:

  • Even set: This means there will be 2 – 4 cards of the same level and the same color.
  • Odd set: A term used to refer to a set of 3 of the same color and arranged in the order of Rook, Cannon, and Knight.
  • Junk: In playing four-color cards we also have junk, that is, odd cards that cannot be combined with other cards to form even or odd sets as mentioned above.
  • Khap: This term is used to talk about the case of drawing the first card, if you draw 3 of the same card, that is, khap.
  • Quan: This term is used to refer to someone who draws up to 4 identical cards for the first time.

How to calculate points for each case in the four colors card

According to the way of playing four-color cards, people will not call points like other games. Instead, the point will be the command. Whoever owns the most orders will win. The scoring rules in the four colors card are as follows:

  • Pairs are counted as 0 orders
  • 3 pawns of different colors count as 1 command
  • 4 pawns of different colors will be counted as 4 orders
  • An even deck of cards is equivalent to 6 orders
  • An odd set is equivalent to 1 command
  • The person who comes first will be given an order
  • Quan is equivalent to 8 orders
  • Open with 3 commands.

How to play basic four-color cards from A – Z

This card game is not a blue-nine game that depends on each person’s luck. Because it requires participants to be really wise and have logical calculations to be able to win. Specifically, how to play this Chinese four-color card game will take place as follows:
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  • To start betting, you need to place an amount of money to find your luck. Depending on your financial level, consider choosing the appropriate playing chip.
  • After that, each person will be dealt 20 cards in total, but the dealer will have 21 cards. So there will be a total of 81 cards dealt face down, only you know what card you are holding. The 31 extra cards will be placed in the middle as stakes.
  • According to the four-color card game, people are allowed to draw more cards from the pile to increase their chances of winning. Besides, each person will have 4 common cards corresponding to 4 different colors. The community card is placed face up and everyone knows its value.
  • The purpose of the four-color card is for players to combine the pieces they have into a card. Whoever completes the card after taking the card will be considered the winner. If anyone does not have all the cards and only has 7 cards in the pile, the game is considered a draw.

Experience on how to play undefeated four-color cards of experts

Looking at the way of playing cards mentioned above, we can see that wanting to win money from the game is not simple at all. You should pocket and immediately apply some of the tips below to conquer the game most effectively:

  • Tips for remembering cards: To apply this method, you need to observe carefully and remember how many times the cards you are waiting for will appear. Then make reasonable calculations to increase your winning rate.
  • Take as many cards as possible: If possible, take the trash cards your opponent plays to create a nice even or odd set for yourself. This way you will be able to win faster and firmly hold the prize in your hand.
  • Playing as a lure: This way of playing four-color cards requires you to play cards that your opponent cannot take. At the same time, lure them into playing the cards that have the most advantage for them to create a strong deck of cards and increase their winning rate.

So we have just helped you understand how to play the basic four-color card game as well as the secrets to effectively conquering the game that experts have revealed. Don’t hesitate any longer, join the experience Game Bài Đổi Thưởng today to have the opportunity to test your logic skills and receive huge rewards from the super “hot” 2024 bookmaker.