Ica Fish Shooting – Discover the Leading Hunting Game Portal Today

Ica fish shooting is a large prize hunting playground with a diverse system of famous creatures on the Vietnamese market today. This fishing ground is designed with many impressive creatures and a series of top-notch fish hunting scenes. To participate, let’s join New88 Find out the following advantages that this entertainment portal possesses.

Overview of the fish shooting ica portal

ica fish shooting is currently a game portal that is of great interest to many players in the entertainment market. This fishery was launched in 2015 and has always been active in the market. Although there are many famous prize hunting brands appearing, ica fish shooting is always the preferred choice.

Currently, the scale of this game portal has been optimized and expanded compared to before. Thanks to the amenities and fishing grounds provided by the game portal, players have many different choices when participating. In particular, the promotion sections available here are released regularly, so the game portal brand is also more widely known.

Why should you join ica fish shooting?

Nowadays, there are many famous fish shooting game portals released on the market. However, the number of players flocking to ica to shoot fish is increasing and shows no signs of stopping. To explain this, let us explore the following advantages of the game portal.

Quality graphics

The first impression that this game portal has on players is the quality of the graphics here. When participating, right from the interface you can see a series of images simulating fishing grounds to hunt prizes with extremely interesting sea creatures. Each species is portrayed in the most realistic and vivid way using modern 3D technology. Thanks to that, the movements of fish in the game also become more similar to reality.

Ica fish shooting owns a quality customer care system

Currently, when participating in this game portal, you can immediately contact the switchboard when you encounter problems. Here, the staff always works 24/7 with full professional knowledge equipped with them. Any questions or problems related to ica fish shooting will be answered quickly. In particular, the system also supports players to contact with many different forms such as Hotline, Online Chat,…

Good security system

Information security is always a priority for ica fish shooting when releasing to players. Therefore, the security technology here is state-of-the-art, modern and regularly updated with new versions. With it, all information related to customers is guaranteed not to be disclosed to third parties. Thanks to that, you can feel secure when participating in entertainment here.
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The ultimate prize hunting fishery of ica fish shooting

This game portal specializes in providing a single type of game, fish shooting, so every fishing ground here is invested very carefully. Not only does it have beautiful graphics, but here you can also use many other superior weapons. What’s more special is that ica now also offers a variety of different reward modes for you to freely choose.

Discover effective tips for playing fish shooting ica

It can be seen that the ica bounty hunting portal always makes players restless with its series of utilities. Therefore, to effectively participate in prize hunting, you should take advantage of the following effective tips for playing ica fish shooting:

  • Shooting as soon as the creature spills out of the screen is the method that new players are often advised to use. Because during this time, your vision will not be limited and the bullet path will not be obstructed. So any creatures targeted during this time are easier to defeat.
  • Increasing ammo is also a smart playing strategy if you clearly understand what type of ammo to use to shoot which creature. Next, just accumulate bonus coins to upgrade in time for sea creatures containing huge bonus values ​​to appear. Depending on each situation, you should use bullets flexibly so as not to waste resources and kill many fish.


Above is the information about ica fish shooting compiled from bookmaker New88. With the above content, we hope you will have moments of comfortable entertainment at this top fishing ground. This is one of the few fishing grounds that has all the interesting features for a bounty hunting portal. So hurry up and join and start your reward hunting journey here with New88.