What is the lottery for both pairs? The most popular lucky numbers

When playing lottery, players need to clearly understand the probability of winning both pairs of numbers and have a way to accurately calculate the probability of winning both pairs. It’s not easy, it takes time to learn and gain experience. Today’s article from New 88 will help you learn more deeply about this content.

What is the lottery for both pairs?

We will reveal important information about the pair lot in the content below.


The lot came in pairs known as a widely used term in the field of lotteries and lotteries. Based on the statistical table, after the lottery results are announced, players can find out for themselves what their chances of winning the next day’s lottery pair are. According to many years of experience shared by experts, the system can give out 3 to 4 pairs of lots with the possibility of winning both pairs. Thereby, players will observe, analyze and decide to play the best lottery numbers.

The best way to predict today’s Northern lottery is for players to take the time to observe the bookmaker’s website. The main purpose of this is to find the lottery numbers for both pairs with the best odds based on detailed calculations and experience of betting experts.

There are 4 types of paired lotteries:

– Free pair lottery: Players randomly choose 2 numbers to bet on and do not follow any rules. For example, pair 12-83, 47-93,…

– Head-to-head lottery: A form where the player chooses a pair of numbers corresponding to touching the beginning of the numbers. For example: 12 – 13, 39 – 36, etc.

– Tail pair lottery: Similar to head pair lottery, the player chooses a set of numbers with the same units digits (for example: 34 – 84, 85 – 95).

– Mixed pair lottery: This is a form of combined lottery chosen by many players. “Mixed lottery numbers” means that the player’s pair of numbers includes two numbers that exchange the tens and units positions such as 23 – 32, 98 – 89, 73 – 37,…

Players can choose the shape of their lot depending on the method of predicting the whole pair. However, according to previous players’ playing experience, head and tail pairs often have the highest hit rate, and the explosion rate is also 2 to 3 times higher. After choosing the most satisfactory pair of numbers, players can increase the number of pairs to 2, 3, 5, 7,… depending on their playing style.

Note when choosing lot numbers about the whole pair

According to experts in the world, predicting the lottery for a couple needs to be based on the statistics of the previous day’s lottery results, combined with flexible prediction methods. In addition, you need to note a few basic things as follows:

  • Players must spend a certain amount of time every day to monitor lottery results. If the lottery comes out 2 more times, you must choose all the lottery pairs from the previous day. For example, today you should bet on lottery 23, tomorrow you should bet on lottery 23, 32.
  • You should also spend a lot of time monitoring the lottery results table to find the most frequently winning numbers for both pairs.
  • In addition, players also have to monitor lottery results statistics to find lucky pairs of tickets for themselves. If today comes lot 20 – 02 or lot 40 – 04 then it will definitely get one of those two numbers today.

Tips for looking at pairs of numbers are trusted

For those who are new to playing lottery and want to learn how to choose and play lottery to get the highest profit, you can follow this guide to choose the most accurate and easy-to-win lottery numbers.

  • Select clamp lot

The sandwiched lottery means the lottery is sandwiched between two lottery numbers that came together on the same day and it has not returned yet. For example, if today’s numbers are 16 and 17, then 18 is the negative number. We can monitor and select suitable lottery numbers based on frequency of appearance or whether they have appeared in the special prize or not.

  • Choose mixed lotteries

Mixed lottery means players will find the lottery numbers that frequently appear in previous days and mix up the numbers. For example, if lottery number 73 came out today, you should bet on lottery number 37 the next day. If you want to increase your odds of winning the whole pair, you should consider the return rates of previous days.

  • Choose the falling lot

According to the probability ratio of winning both pairs: Drop numbers are numbers that will appear according to the previous day’s results table and can fall from any special prize. However, not all dropped lots appear the next day. Therefore, to predict falling numbers, players need to understand the rules and methods of predicting.

  • Select lot according to lot frequency

With this selection tip, you need to look at lottery results at least 30 days before choosing lots to determine which numbers usually come out. When choosing the number of lots in pairs in this way, you will minimize money loss, combine additional methods of adding money, raising the lot frame to increase profitability.

The most accurate way to calculate the probability that lots will come in pairs

Currently, there are many methods for calculating the probability of hitting a pair of numbers that many players are using. Below are some popular calculations compiled by New88 for you to follow in detail.

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Calculate the lot of the whole pair using the resulting statistics

When monitoring the lottery results table, you can see that the numbers often appear in ascending order, for example 51 – 52 – 53 – 56 and 58. So, you can see that 54 and 57 are missing in the above number sequence. Therefore, we can think that this is a sign of betting and can rely on it when choosing lucky numbers in the lottery. However, according to many players, this method of calculating the pair rate does not have a high success rate, so players need to consider it.

However, you can still apply the method of catching falling lotteries from the lottery, through the total prize, starting – catching the tail as follows:

  • If there is a double lottery today, there is a high possibility that the next day the lottery will return the same number. Bettors can immediately choose this lucky number but need to carefully research how to bet money to bring the best profit.
  • Players can pick lots in the lottery results table to play. The possibility of winning capital with double pairs is often very high, so this will be a safe way to play.
  • Any lot with more than 2 consecutive flashes or explosions should be eliminated. If players love and believe in this lottery number, they can watch the bet or bet for 3 days from the day of the lottery.

The lottery comes in both pairs according to the silver-to-memory method

One of the most accurate calculation methods is the memory silver calculation method. This way of calculating the whole pair is considered to yield more accurate numbers. Let’s refer to the steps to calculate probability below:

First, players need to have the previous day’s lottery results table to analyze. They can do it themselves or refer to reputable house websites. When analyzing, players need to pay special attention to lottery numbers that have appeared a lot recently. The next step is to use statistical methods to perform calculations on pairs of numbers. Finally, after finding the pair of numbers with the highest probability, you proceed to check and summarize the possible numbers to bet on.

Lottery prediction probability of 88, 99%

To be able to play lottery with pairs of numbers that have an accurate probability of winning 88.99%, we need to combine many lottery calculation methods. Below are instructions on how to predict both pairs with high accuracy:

First of all, players should follow daily lottery results. If the results show that the lottery has 2 win at the same time, you should raise that number every other day and then bet on the whole pair the next day.

There are numbers for whole pairs that often appear with high frequency such as: 75 – 79 – 92; 37 – 73; 56 – 65; 69 – 96. Depending on different circumstances, pairs of lots will arrive at the same turn or appear every other day. You should follow the results of the lottery table to choose more accurately. In addition to the above numbers, 10 often comes together with 01, 25 with 52, 22 – 76 – 99 often come together, followed by 47 – 17, 99 and 66.

The lottery pairs come in both lucky and regular pairs

To search and predict lottery pairs, you need to use a combination of flexible calculation methods, combined with personal experience. Below are the lottery numbers for both pairs as compiled by experts and experts in the world.

Pairs of numbers often come together

  • Please enter 010 if you see 373
  • 76 often comes with lot 47
  • Often 11 also appears with 44 and 01
  • If you choose 66 as your lucky number, bet with 33 to increase the bonus value
  • When 848 explodes, the chance of 979 appearing is very high
  • If today there is a lottery with the pair 01 – 10, then tomorrow bet on the pair 06 – 60.
  • If the previous day was the pair 24 and 42, today bet on the pair 72 and 27
  • Once the pair of numbers 78 and 87 appears, 48 ​​and 84 will definitely explode. Consider raising this pair of plots
  • When you see the pair 36 – 63 appear, boldly choose 38 – 83
  • If pair 47 – 74 comes back, choose pair 79 – 97

You can also choose lots by day of the week:

  • The number 33 often appears on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays
  • Tuesday usually returns 46
  • Number 66 will explode on 3 days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Note the returning 56 on the results board on Thursday and Sunday
  • On Friday, it usually returns 81
  • On day 7, the player should play 97
  • On Sunday, choose number 58

Follow these numbers to see if they are really correct or not. If they are correct according to the lottery results of the region where you live, please apply next week!

Pairs of numbers that often appear together from the lottery table (numbers that have not appeared for a long time):

  • Lottery number 12 will come with 58
  • The number 54 often appears with the number 66
  • If you see 27, bet on 57 immediately
  • When it comes to lottery number 09, the number 45 often appears
  • If the result is 15, bet on 73

Triple cross is a form in which players play 3 numbers at the same time. They must win all 3 numbers to receive a prize: Pairs of numbers that often appear together are: 25 – 52 – 22; 36 -49 – 81; 32 – 43 – 91; 99 – 00 – 50; 63 – 64 – 85.


In this article, New88 but has brought you a lot of information related to lottery pairs, including the basics, playing tips and common lottery pairs. Hopefully the data we provide will help players find lucky numbers to win big prizes and high profits.