What is Over/Under 2 Bets? Rules for Reading Extreme Odds 2024

What is the 2-ball Over/Under bet? This is one of the questions that many bettors are currently most interested in in 2024. If you are a soccer betting lover and are new to online entertainment. To find detailed answers, let’s join New88 Explore in detail through the following article.
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What is the 2-ball Over/Under bet?

In soccer betting, one of the bets that players are most interested in is the over/under bet. This is a form of entertainment where people bet on the final score of a football match. When the total number of goals is greater than the number given by the house (over), otherwise it is smaller (under). 

What is the 2-ball over/under bet?? In this case, the player will bet on the final score of the match with a total goal of 2. If the total number of goals in a match is 0 or 1, you bet money on “under”. will win. If the number of shots scored in the net is 3 or more, everyone participating in the “over” bet will receive a bonus.

Instructions on how to read details in a 2024 football match

After understanding clearly what the 2-ball over/under bet is, let’s go to the section on how to read the details in an actual match. The match between Arsenal and Man City is always an exciting and dramatic confrontation in the Premier League. To create more excitement in the football match, bookmaker New88 offers the odds of 0.88 for over and 0.94 for under. 

  • If the total number of goals of the two teams is 2 goals, the total possible result is: 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2. Players will receive a refund if they bet on any bet from the house. 
  • What is the 2-ball Over/Under bet? In case the total number of goals scored by the 2 teams is more than 2 goals, for example: 3-1, 2-1, 3-1,… Those who predict and bet money on Over will win and receive Bonus amount equals: 100000×0.88 = 88000 VND. 
  • If the total number of balls scored in the net is less than the number of 2 goals including: 0-0, 1-0, 0-1,… Those who bet on the under bet will win the bet and receive the corresponding capital equal to: 100,000 ×0.94 = 940000 VND.

What is the 2-ball Over/Under bet? Advantages when betting at bookmaker New88

In the field of online betting, choosing a reputable and trustworthy address is always the top concern of players. New88 is one of the bookmakers highly appreciated for its transparency, reputation and professional service quality. The following are outstanding advantages when betting on football at the game brand that you should not ignore.

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What is the 2-ball Over/Under bet? Experience in predicting 100% win for new players

The 2-ball Over/Under bet always attracts a large number of interested customers and wants to experience it every day. To be able to win with a 100% rate, the process of betting and making accurate predictions is extremely important. Here are some useful experiences to help you increase your chances of winning even if you are new to the experience. 

Analyze scoring performance

If a team is capable of scoring many goals in a match and rarely conceding goals, the over/under ratio on 2 goals is very high. People can rely on this factor to make the final decision before placing bets.
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Monitor injuries

What is the 2-ball Over/Under bet? When the team is missing key players due to injury or suspension for a few matches. It is likely that they will have difficulty scoring or preventing the opponent from getting as close to the goal as possible. 

In this case, most teams will draw or not participate in the attack to preserve points. Therefore, the number of goals scored on 2 goals in this match is usually very low, you should choose the other door. 


Hopefully through the information shared, everyone has received a detailed answer about what is the 2-ball Over/Under bet? New88 wishes you good health and success with your betting predictions.