Special things about traditional wooden drums in Vietnam

Wooden drums Tradition is an integral part of major events, from historic temples to local festivals, at every intersection between craft principles and cultural identities. This article delves deeper into the historical and artistic value of this product, recognizing the importance of this traditional musical instrument in preserving and developing traditional Vietnamese culture.

Learn about wooden drums in cultural life in Vietnam

Wooden drums Traditional with exquisite beauty and flexible sound, it plays an important role in Vietnamese culture as a symbol of traditional rituals, spiritual festivals and artistic performances. Drums are not only a musical instrument but also a symbol of the connection between people and the country’s spirit, helping to enrich and form the characteristics of Vietnamese folk culture. Traditional drums stand out. not only in creating unique sounds but also in the delicate combination of craftsmanship and cultural knowledge.

Origin and historical value of traditional wooden drums

Wooden drums Vietnamese tradition is not only a unique artistic product but also an important part of national history and culture. Originating from the 10th century, Trống gỗ has witnessed the strong development of Vietnamese civilization through each historical period.

 Vietnamese people use it Wooden drums buffalo skin for many different purposes, from religious ceremonies, traditional festivals to important social events. The uniqueness of the drum is not only in the raw materials but also in the sophistication of the manufacturing process, demonstrating the talent and enthusiasm of the artisans. This traditional musical instrument is not only a musical instrument but also a symbol of pride in national history and culture. In traditional festivals, they are often used to call for unity, encourage fighting spirit and create a vibrant atmosphere for the community. From these drums we can read the story of the solidarity, spiritual strength and patriotism.

 The symbols on the drum’s surface are often deeply spiritual and mythological, recounting glorious battles and important historical events of the nation. Most of the patterns on the drum surface are depicted following the ancient features of ancient bronze drums. This is an indelible mark of Vietnamese culture over time. The historical value of this product is important in preserving cultural heritage but also in the connection between past and present. Drum makers are not only artisans but also talented “storytellers”, preserving and transferring traditional values ​​from one generation to the next. Drum products are widely used in schools, pagodas, family churches, parish churches… it can be seen that from culture to spirituality, drums are present in the drum life of Vietnamese people. Male. This product has artistic meaning but is also a vivid symbol of patriotism, creativity and sustainability of Vietnamese culture over time.

 Facing the challenges of the new era, conservation and development Wooden drums Tradition is a matter of protecting cultural heritage. Besides, it also contributes to maintaining and spreading the nation’s special spiritual values ​​throughout the world.

The largest buffalo skin jackfruit wooden drum production village in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are many craft production villages Wooden drums famous, in which the largest known craft village at the present time is Doi Tam craft village, in Ha Nam province. This place attracts attention for its unique combination of craftsmanship and natural materials. With a rich tradition of drumming spanning over a thousand years of history.

The largest drum making village in the country

 The drum making craft village of Doi Tam village, in Ha Nam province, is a vibrant picture of traditional Vietnamese art. Doi Tam is not only famous for its charming scenery but is also a place to preserve and develop one of the most important traditional crafts of the locality.

Doi Tam craft village is not just a production place. Wooden drums common but also a unique feature of the art of making drums from jackfruit wood and buffalo skin and many different types of drums, from drums of the Central Highlands people to musical instruments in many other art forms. together. This creates drum products that not only have a warm sound but are also imbued with national cultural identity.

The artisans in Doi Tam are not only good craftsmen, but also masters of traditional arts, turning Wooden drums into unique works of art. The blanking process here takes place through each careful step, from choosing materials, shaping until creating delicate details on the product surface.

The beauty of the products of Doi Tam craft village is not only the warm sound and high durability, but also the delicate combination of jackfruit wood and buffalo leather. The process of making buffalo leather requires skill and sophistication from the artisan, creating unique and complex patterns on the drum’s surface. Overall, the quality of all types of drums produced here is highly appreciated.

Doi Tam craft village is not just a production place Wooden drums, but also a place to preserve and transmit traditional arts to future generations. The artisan community here constantly strives to preserve and develop cultural heritage, creating products that not only meet market needs but also maintain the cultural values ​​of Vietnamese villages. With the 4.0 era and the explosion of the Internet, traditional craft villages reach all of their customers through online sales channels. https://doitam.vn/

Preliminary information on the production process of jackfruit buffalo leather wooden drums

 The process of producing buffalo jackfruit wooden barrels usually starts with selecting raw materials.

 Jackfruit wood is selected according to the criteria of elasticity and firmness, while buffalo leather is sought from high-quality raw materials.

 Then the artisan carries out the process of peeling, drying and cutting into long and curved bars according to different types of drums. These jackfruit wood sticks are called drum chips. The blank chips will then be joined together entirely by hand to create a cylindrical block with a larger bulge in the middle. The shape can be changed with many different types of musical instruments

 Next, the artisan begins shaping the drum surface, from polishing the wood, shaping the drum surface to highlighting the surface details of the product.

 The patterns on the drum surface are often deeply spiritual and mythological, expressing the cultural history and history of the nation. The patterns on the drum surface as well as the decorative patterns on the drum body are also given great attention. Often these patterns will have nuances or standards based on the patterns of bronze drums.

 A special process involves making jackfruit buffalo leather, where artisans must apply their talent and flair to create unique and beautiful designs. Pressing buffalo leather onto the drum surface not only increases the aesthetics but also creates a unique sound for the product. The secret of this process lies in adjusting the thickness and tension of the buffalo skin depending on the type of drum and its use. Depending on the purpose of use, the sound pitch requirements are also different. Therefore, a good craftsman must know the finished product standards of each different type of drum. This is extremely valuable experience that only artisans can keep.

 The Wooden drums Buffalo jackfruit not only brings warm sound but is also a unique work of art.The combination of jackfruit wood and buffalo leather not only creates quality products but also a connection between tradition and modernity.

 It is not only a musical product but also a living symbol of Vietnamese history and culture, helping to enrich the country’s unique artistic image.