Question: In the four-of-a-kind advance lesson, can you chop a pair of pigs?

Can four of you cut a pig in half? is a question that many people wonder about in the process of playing cards. This is one of the very popular games in Vietnam.  Nhà cái MB66 will help bettors give the most complete and accurate answer.

What are the four quarters?

Want to know Can four quarters cut a pig in half?First, bettors need to clearly understand what the concept of four-of-a-kind is. This is a set of four cards with the same numerical or letter value but not of the same suit. For example, four cards of 3 hearts, 3 diamonds, 3 clubs and 3 spades will form a four of a kind.

In Tien Len and most other card games, the strength of four of a kind from small to large is as follows: Four of a Kind 3 < Four of a Kind 4 < Four of a Kind 5… < Four of a Kind K < Four of a Kind Ace < Four of a Kind 2. This is an extremely special and rare deck of cards because the probability of drawing 4 cards of the same value in one game is very low.

In Tien Len Southern, the member who owns the second quarter will win immediately. This case is also known as “going white” or “eating white”. Possessing this powerful quartet, you don’t even need to start the game to become a winner.

In addition to the 2nd quartet, the other quartets also have very strong and powerful values. Specifically, four of a kind can cut any 3 pairs of pine trees. For example, a four of a kind 4 will defeat a double Q – double K – double Ace straight. Of course the four of a kind with a higher value will block the four of a kind with a lower value.

What is a Pair of Pigs/Pair of 2?

To answer the question Can four quarters cut a pig in half?, members also need to know what a pair of pigs is. “Heo” is actually the pronunciation of the number 2 (hai) by people in the inner region. Therefore, the pair of pigs is the pair of 2s, including any two 2s of the Tu Lo Kho set.

This is also a very powerful duo when participating in Tien Len in the South and Tien Len in the North. Card 2 is the highest card in the deck, so pair 2 will definitely be stronger. The pig pair can block any other pair such as pair 5, pair 10, pair K, pair Ace… 

Answering the question: Can four quarters cut a pig in half?

When you clearly understand the concepts, bettors will surely have the answer to the question Can four quarters cut a pig in half?. For advancing to the South, four quarters can completely block a pair of pigs and will definitely block a single pig. As for the rules of the Northern game, four of a kind can only defeat a single 2, even if it is a 2 of a kind.

Common card combinations when playing progressive

Besides four of a kind and pair of pigs, Tien Len game also has many other card combinations. Bettors not only have to know Can four quarters cut a pig in half? but also need to clearly understand the strength of each deck of cards. So you will understand when your hand can beat your opponent’s hand and vice versa.
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The following are the hands that players can create in the game:

  • Junk cards: Dry cards that cannot create any card combination are called junk cards.
  • Pair: This is a card combination that includes 2 cards of the same value, such as 4 diamonds + 4 hearts, creating a pair of 4.
  • Sam Co: This term refers to 3 cards of the same value, regardless of suit and color. For example, 8 hearts + 8 diamonds + 8 spades will be called Sam Co 8 or Ba 8. 
  • Straight: Straight is a combination of cards of 3 or more cards with consecutive numbers such as 3-4-5, 8-9-10, 10-J-Q-K-Ace, etc. If it is a move to the North, the straight must be of the same suit. same color. As for advancing to the South, only consecutive values ​​are needed to be counted as a straight.
  • Common pair: Common pair is a combination of 3 consecutive pairs such as pair 5 – pair 6 – pair 7, pair J – pair Q – pair K… 
  • Four of a kind: As mentioned above, a four of a kind is 4 cards of the same value combined together.

How to play Tien Len card game is extremely easy to understand for new players

To win the card game, understand clearly Can four quarters cut a pig in half? is still not enough. Bettors need to know the rules of this entertainment game, from there, develop a strategy to defeat all opponents.

The way to play cards is very simple, each game requires 2 to 4 participants. The player will be given a total of 13 random cards and arrange them into reasonable lines. Some cards can create many different combinations, so you must choose the most beneficial option.

The first hand to advance, the person who owns the smallest card (3 spades) will play first. From the following levels, the member who won the previous match will go first. The next player must play higher cards than the previous player to block.

If you don’t have a higher card to block, you will lose your turn and give it to the next person. The player who plays all the cards in their hand first will be the winner. There are also some special cases of winning white such as 13 cards without a head or 13 cards all creating a card combination… 

The rules of Tien Len in the South and the North have differences in card hand combinations. In the South, it is not necessary to be of the same color, but in the North this is a mandatory regulation. So you need to learn the rules carefully before starting to play.


 MB66 helped the bettor answer the question Can four quarters cut a pig in half?. In addition, four of a kind is a very powerful deck and can block many other card combinations.