Platinum Dragon predicts numbers for free immediately

Many people in the numerology world use itPlatinum Dragon as a reference tool. Millions of people use this method to choose and finalize for themselves the best numbers to play the lottery. Article by New88 us casino will help you understand more carefully how to predict this extremely accurate lottery number, please read carefully!

Do you know about Platinum Dragon?

Platinum Dragon is known as a lottery website that has been around for a long time and is reputable. Thanks to this website, lottery players can make statistics and analyze the frequency of results from previous days. From those results, you will be able to predict lottery numbers most accurately and quickly.

Currently there are many other websites with features like Platinum Dragon. But this is still the website that wins the trust of many players. With the desire to bring you the best experience, the website is always improving and developing. Here we will continuously update information about lottery numbers and information and experience in lottery screening.

Is the prediction on Platinum Dragon accurate?

Platinum Dragon is considered by many players to be standard and has a high winning rate. Many players have used the website to analyze and predict the lottery to win many prizes. Below are outstanding points only available at Platinum Dragon:

Continuously update the fastest and most accurate lottery results

When you come to the website, you will be surprised by its speed and timeliness. You will easily track the results on this website. This will help you choose, analyze and choose the fastest lottery numbers to play.

Easy-to-use interface, suitable for newbies

The difference at Platinum Dragon compared to many websites spread online is in the interface. For lottery, a simple interface, easy to see, easy to summarize data is something that everyone likes. You will not have to spend too much time searching, collecting statistics and analyzing when predicting. From there, you can quickly choose the best number to play.

There are tools to analyze lottery results accurately

If you are afraid of having to look at many numbers and then make analysis. Platinum Dragon will analyze directly for you. Many tools used for analysis are very popular such as: General statistics, prediction statistics, Loto frequency,…

By possessing a full range of analytical tools, the website contributes to making it easier for players to predict. Players can also make the right decisions which increase their odds of winning.

Bringing a modern analysis technique like this to the website is a highlight of Platinum Dragon. Surely up to now there are very few sites that can do this.

Get the experience of looking for the extremely accurate Platinum Dragon

Website New88 There are features to help you make it easier when predicting, but predicting skills are still the key factor. Here are tips from professional players:

Please check the above 2 times

The tools that the website brings help players achieve high results when predicting. But anyway, it’s just a machine. To be completely accurate, you must scan 2 times or more. This not only helps you be more certain when deciding, but also ensures you get the best number.

Get to know the Lots in Platinum Dragon

This lottery prediction website has many types of lottery numbers. Each type will have different gameplay that everyone needs to know. Therefore, you must distinguish and understand its meaning to bring good results.

There will be 3 popular lots, chosen by many people:

  • Frame lot: Can be understood as the place where all the numbers with the highest frequency will be gathered within 1 month. You can also adjust the time period down to 1 week, 1 day or up to 1 year.
  • Lottery: These are the numbers with the lowest number of appearances in the lottery results.
  • Good lot: A lot with numbers that have a high chance of coming out in the upcoming lottery results

Lottery predictions for special prizes for the week

This is a method used by many new players, even top players. The way to play is simple, players just need to look at the first number in the last two numbers of the special prize.

After that, the New88 pair will be selected but proceed with batch farming. If you keep farming for a while, your winning rate will be extremely high.

Experience in predicting fortune by raising a pair of lotus frames for 2 days

When participating, you only lock in 1 pair of numbers each day. If the first day pairs New88 If not, you can continue to play this pair of numbers on the second day. This method is not limited to only 2 days. You can continue farming for 3 days, 5 days or even 7 days. But remember, divide the capital into smaller parts. Otherwise, the possibility of being left empty-handed is extremely high.

Collection of pairs of numbers that often appear together in Platinum Dragon

Pairs of numbers that are positive and have a high return rate will be called good lottery pairs in Platinum Dragon. These lottery pairs are compiled and listed by long-time professional players. That’s why you can rely on this result to get a good number.

Some pairs of lots often come together in order

Here are some summaries of long-time players who saw the appearance of the numbers:

  • If 23 and 76 came out on Monday, then next time you should play 56 or 47.
  • On Tuesday, if you see 98 appeared, then next week invest in lot 37.
  • This Wednesday, if the lottery numbers are 12 and 42, then next week follow the pair 67 and 53.
  • On Thursday, if the lottery pair 36 appears, bet on 1 and 48.
  • If Friday draws numbers 19 and 87, immediately choose lot 91.
  • This Saturday, there was lot 85, so next week you should choose the pair 25 and 550.
  • On Sundays, you will usually encounter lottery numbers 69 or 39.

Three pairs of numbers often appear together

Next is a set of 3 numbers that will often go together. If 1 or 2 numbers appear today, the remaining numbers will come out the next day.

  • Pairs of triplets 32, 43 and 91 most often go together.
  • Three more pairs of numbers that often appear together are 63, 64 and 85.
  • Don’t forget to ignore the triples 00, 50 and 90.
  • The three consecutive lottery pairs are 36, 49 and 81.

Summary of pairs of lots that often go together that you should know

Next will be the lottery pairs that players often see appearing together the most when paying lottery results. Based on the pairs of lots that often go together, players can easily predict the next number:

  • If the previous day the pair of lots 1 – 10 appeared, there is a high possibility that 6-60 will appear the next day.
  • If you saw the pair 78, 87 the previous day then the high probability will be the pairs 48 and 84.
  • If the pair 27 and 72 already appear, then 78 and 87 are not out of the question for the pair to appear later.
  • If the lottery pair 48, 84 comes in today, you will definitely see 46, 64 in tomorrow’s lottery results.
  • If today’s results are 24 and 42, then boldly invest in the pair 27 and 72.
  • Choose pair 38, 83 next time when you see today’s result 36, 63 has returned.


Prediction at Platinum Dragon is the most useful and safe solution for players. If you are still wondering which number to choose, please visit this website! It’s simple and easy to use, but the rate is extremely high.