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New88 is a channel specializing in updating the latest information about house bets. Here, you can follow and compare the odds tables of reputable bookmakers, thereby choosing for yourself a reputable, green address to trust. Let’s learn more about how to scan with 123b house bet now!

New88 Fully update different bets such as European odds, Asian odds, over/under odds, exact score bets, etc. Besides, the website also supports accurate betting information and provides betting odds. Full today and tomorrow, updated automatically so players can rest assured and trust.

InNew88, you can track and bet on popular bookmaker bets as follows:

What is the Asian bookie handicap of 0 – 0?

Asian Handicap 0 – 0 appears in matches where the two participating teams are evenly matched, neither team handicaps the other and the odds are similar.

How to bet on Premier League 0-0.5?

New88 Premier League 0-0.5 is also known as ¼ odds, at this time the upper team accepts the lower team’s ball. If at the end of the match the two teams are tied, the player who bets on the favorite team will lose half of their money.

What is Keonhacai 0.5?

0.5 odds, also known as ½ odds, the upper hand handicaps the lower hand by 0.5 results. In case the two teams tie, you lose everything, so consider carefully before putting down money.

How to bet online 0-5-1?

The upper team handicaps 1 to half when betting on 0-5-1. In case they win only 1 goal, the upper team wins half the money, the lower team loses half the money.

What is house edge 1.0?

With online odds 1.0, the upper team must accept 1 draw to the lower team. This means that if the top team only wins by 1 goal, the two teams are tied, neither winning nor losing.
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What is Keonhacai C1 today 1-1.5?

This bet is also known as the 1 ¼ bet. According to statistics ofNew88, the upper bet needs to take a handicap of 1 loss and half, meaning that if you only win 1 goal, you will lose half of the bet.

How to read the odds of 1.5 goals?

The 1.5 bet is also known as the 1 ½ bet, the upper bet loses 1 goal and the lower bet gets 1 extra goal after the match ends. In case of only winning by 1 goal, the 2 teams draw.

What is 1.5-2 dental glue?

This is a common 1 ¾ bet, the upper team must accept 2 goals to win half of the lower team.

What is different about other odds?

  • Odds ratio 0:2 – the upper hand accepts 2 draws, meaning if you win by 2 goals you will tie the money, if you don’t win or lose.
  • Odds 2 ¼ – the upper hand wins 2 balls and loses half the money compared to the capital invested.
  • Odds 1 1/2 – the upper team accepts 2 goals and loses the lower bet.

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