Feast Your Eyes on Fiery Cambodian Cockfighting Battles

Cambodian cockfighting is known as a legal game that creates a strong attraction for chicken “connoisseurs”. Competitions and events, large and small, are organized on a professional and methodical scale. In New88 You will receive the ultimate experience to satisfy your personal passion. Let’s explore the content about this unbeatable form.

What is Cambodian cockfighting?

Cambodian cockfighting is an updated form, developed from the traditional version. The main difference between the discipline is that the participating cocks will use tools for the competition process. Up to now, this type of betting is increasingly growing, bringing outstanding benefits in experience. 

Cockfighting in Cambodia takes place on a systematic scale in the business registration arena. At the same time, the address is subject to strict management and supervision from the government as well as legal protection to ensure safety and transparency for members. 

The cockfighting event features more than 2,000 cockfighting arenas with large and small scales combined with a large number of cocks for competition. This can confirm the attractiveness of the subject in Cambodia. Joining New88, you can both follow and bet on your favorite warrior in the most convenient and flexible way.

Reasons to join Cambodian cockfighting at New88

Cockfighting at New88 creates the most attraction by bringing members thrilling and emotional matches. Live cockfighting certainly does not disappoint players through updated, live events with the most optimal transmission speed. 

Not only that, to meet the needs and tastes of members, the playground also brings top-notch bets. In particular, the super payout rate gives you the opportunity to get rich quickly. This is also considered the reason why bookmakers are becoming more and more popular and interested. 

Revealing the most popular types of Cambodian cockfighting

Cambodian cockfighting is becoming more and more popular when updating 2 types of betting suitable for members. You are allowed to choose the basic playing version to meet your passion for making money. Particular:

Live cockfighting

The way players move to the arena to watch and bet directly on the match. Up to now, this traditional version is no longer very popular because it takes time to travel to the direct address. 

Although the process of watching and participating in live Cambodian cockfighting is more intense and dramatic, it takes a lot of effort and money. Therefore, instead of choosing to play directly, many people prioritize finding a convenient form of online betting. 

Cambodian cockfighting online

With the development of technology, online versions are increasingly popular and attract players. Through online betting, you can participate unlimitedly as long as you have a stable network connection. Here the system allows you to monitor live as well as place bets safely and transparently. 

At the same time, news and images related to the match are updated continuously, completely and accurately. Battles from skilled warriors will be streamed live in Full HD, with no interruptions or lag, so you can rest assured. 

Rules of Cambodian cockfighting

Each operating bookmaker has different rules for participating in Cambodian live cockfighting. However, the basic form still exists and the general rules created by the playground exist.

Betting regulations

When participating in Cambodian cockfighting, the game rules will be pre-determined by the system to help members understand easily and flexibly. Accordingly, players can choose separate bets including win, lose, and draw. Specifically:

  • Meron: A player’s bet on the bookie’s bet with a high chance of winning. Although the odds are low, New88 is still worth more bets than other addresses in the same segment.
  • Wala: The bet represents a player’s cock with an attractive reward rate but still lower than Meron.
  • BDD: Players enter the money to predict the house’s cock, players tie with an attractive high reward rate. However, this situation actually happens very rarely.

Cockfighting reward level 

Normally, according to cockfighting rules, the Meron bookmaker is always limited in the amount of profit it receives. Accordingly, when placing a bet on the house warrior, the odds you get are 1 to 0.8. As for the player door, you get a rate of 0.94 but you are picky about who chooses.
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For BDD door, the payout is extremely attractive, up to 1 to 8, but it rarely happens. In a bet, you can determine the appropriate way to deposit money to receive the most attractive profit. 

Cambodia cockfighting competition rules

At the cockfighting ring, there are always separate rules and regulations to create a top-notch competition. Before going into battle, all participating warriors have their weight and physical condition checked. After weighing, they are placed together to ensure fairness and transparency. 

For cockfighting, the fighting cock will be attached to a sharp iron spur. Appearing on the main spur is a colored strip that helps you easily identify where to place the participating cocks at the starting line and listen to commands from the referee.

The two sides of the playing field are drawn with straight lines so that viewers can follow conveniently. Each fight has its own referee to supervise and announce the results. At the same time, all bets have brokers who are responsible for placing bets on behalf of viewers. 

Specific Cambodia cockfighting competition time 

Each match usually lasts about 12 minutes depending on the fighting style of the fighter. The cock round lasts until there is a final winner plus a 5-minute break. During the middle of the fight, the injured person is allowed to enter the water, fix the cock and then continue. 

Attractiveness creates the Cambodian cockfighting brand

Cambodian cockfighting is currently becoming a favorite and chosen destination for many people. When you join, you will receive all the advantages and advantages in all aspects. Specifically:

  • In no time at all, with just one fatal blow, the match was decided. With fast time, you don’t need to wait too long and still receive profits.
  • Level of enthusiasm and drama: Each fight is considered a life-and-death battle, so the participating factors always have a spirit of fierce competition, and quick attacks create drama and excitement. 
  • Countless chicken breeds are gathered at the Cambodian live cockfighting battle to help players freely choose the right one. Typically Peruvian chicken, American chicken, Thai chicken, bamboo chicken, Asil, etc.
  • Betting points support live streaming of matches at the arena with fast, smooth transmission. You can follow and participate in predicting excellent warriors to earn huge profits. 


Cambodian cockfighting promises to bring players an unbeaten betting space in their passion. With these advantages and advantages, New88 will certainly develop activities that attract a large number of members in the future. Join and register today with the aim of creating the most attractive profits.