Crawling Fighting Chickens – The secret to choosing the best Chickens

The fighting cock crows anything special and cWhat are the ways to differentiate? Through the sound of crowing, it also contributes to helping you own top-notch, high-quality cocks.

Choosing a cock to crow is a technique that requires a cockfighter to have a lot of experience. To choose a good cock, in addition to appearance, crowing is also a factor that you should pay attention to. The information shared below will help you own a super fighting chicken and achieve high results in competitions.

Learn about the crowing sound of fighting cocks

Fighting cocks have a characteristic crowing sound, full of vitality. It not only helps cocks show confidence, courage and determination. But it also conveys important messages about health and ability to compete.

Crowing is also the sound of a rooster signaling territorial sovereignty. Depending on the breed, internal strength and personality, each fighting cock will make a different sound. Based on that, it will help you choose a fighting chicken that is healthy, strong, and has good fighting ability.

Determine whether fighting cocks have a good crowing sound

For chickens, the crowing sound is loud, resonant but short, proving that they are very strong. At first it crows loudly and then changes to a low, long hissing sound, proving that you have a stubborn fighter, good health and longevity.
When the crow’s neck stands up and the neck is raised high, the sound is clear and concise, it means the cock is fighting well. The loud blowing sound from the mouth towards the short end proves that the cock is an excellent fighter, launching dangerous attacks and quickly defeating the opponent.

Fighting cocks that crow 5 times are also the top choice of many monks. According to assessments, they possess harsh kicking techniques that make the opponent unable to counterattack in time. You should not choose animals that have 3 crows because they have no endurance and poor fighting ability.

The secret to choosing a fighting cock is through the sound of a good cock crowing

The sound includes many different intonations and based on that you will know whether the chicken crows or not. Here are some tips for choosing a good fighting cock that you should refer to:

The sound of fighting cocks crowing is good

To recognize good fighting cocks, please rely on the 3 sounds below:

Short sound

Short sound refers to chickens crowing loudly, the last sound is short, stops quickly but is very powerful. This proves that the cock is very brave, aggressive, stubborn and defies all opponents.
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Yin Minh Trung

The crowing sound towards the end is neither long nor short, steady, neither high nor low. Possessing this sound proves that the chicken is well-versed in martial arts, agile, fighting and very tough.

The fighting cock crows with two sub-sounds and three sub-sounds

When cocks hiss regularly 1 – 3 hours before going into battle, it shows that they are very good fighters. If the sound is short, it is likely that this is the genus of chicken that you should choose.

Chickens have strange crowing sounds

Chickens that are considered chicken gods often make strange crowing sounds. This type has no tongue or is completely retracted inside.

  • If a chicken has a strange crowing sound at 7 or 8 o’clock, with 5 hours behind it, it is a chicken god.
  • The chicken crows in its mouth, but the far-reaching sound is that of a rooster.

If the last o is jerked, this is definitely a chicken god. This is a rare chicken breed, possessing many talents, fast and strong attack speed, and extremely accurate dodging.

The fighting cock crows 6 times

According to legend, if you crow 6 times, you are known as a lucky rooster. When he raises his voice clearly and loudly, it shows that this is a very healthy chicken with high internal strength. You should choose them because they have a beautiful appearance and are suitable for both fighting and ornamental purposes.

Some sounds of fighting cocks crowing should not be chosen

The crowing sound is also a sign to identify chickens or chickens that are not good at fighting. Weak, weak chickens will show through the following sounds:

  • Sound: The sound of crowing is long until they are out of breath, proving that they are very stubborn but their strength is weak so they are not highly appreciated. According to many cockfighters, when competing, you should not choose because the chance of winning seems to be very little.
  • The fighting cock’s crowing sound is similar to the sound of the bantam chicken, the last sound is long but does not resonate far. This is a sign to recognize a cock when competing without enough fighting power.
  • Mighty Yin Ming: Crowing sound is loud but cannot be heard clearly, attacks are good but not great, durability is not high.
  • Unclear crowing: Chickens with weak physical strength often crow indistinctly, as if something is stuck in their neck. Shows that the cock is not healthy and can hardly participate in competition.

The secret to raising fighting cocks that crow well

Whether or not raising fighting cocks is simple requires you to understand nutrition, health, training and disease prevention. Here are some good tips that cockers should keep in mind:

  • Choose a chicken breed suitable for weather conditions, climate and preferences. Currently, there are many types of fighting cocks such as bantam chickens, pedigree chickens, cock fighting cocks, etc. Each type will have its own characteristics, so please research carefully to make the right choice.
  • Provide an airy, clean and safe living environment to ensure the best health and development for chickens. Chicken breeders should build large, covered, dry barns. At the same time, clean regularly, change new food and water every day.
  • Take care of the health of fighting chickens by periodically vaccinating them. Regularly monitor your body to detect abnormal signs and take timely treatment measures.
  • Training fighting cocks to gain important skills helps them improve their fighting spirit. Every day you should let your cocks practice for 15 – 30 minutes, and give them encouraging rewards when they do well.

It can be seen that identifying chickens and spirit chickens through fighting cocks is not too difficult, but it also requires a lot of experience. Hopefully with the above sharing of Nha cai new88 You will choose a chicken with good health. Combined with proper training will help you get many victories.