Blackjack – How to Make Money From the Art of Gambling 2024

Blackjack is certainly a name that is no longer strange to those who love playing cards for prizes. The game is highly entertaining, with many challenges for you to freely choose to conquer. In the following article, let’s explore in detail how to effectively play this game series.

Brief introduction to online blackjack game

Currently, there are many different entertainment games on the market, but blackjack is always the name chosen by a large number of customers, especially in Singapore. Kubet. To conquer this game series effectively, first, you need to clearly understand its nature and characteristics.

According to research, the game has been present in the online casino market for a long time, originating in Europe. After being introduced to the Vietnamese market, the game has many other names, including blackjack and blackjack. 

Similar to other card games, blackjack also uses a traditional Western deck of cards, excluding jokers. When the game starts, the dealer and the dealer will be dealt two trump cards. 

Your task is to draw three more cards to improve your score. The side whose score is closest to 21 will win and receive a bonus. Through these shares, it can be seen that blackjack is a simple entertainment game, suitable for almost all audiences.

Detailed rules of the online blackjack card game

Basically, the way online blackjack is played is no different from the traditional form. You just need to master the rules and principles below to be able to participate cheaply. As follows: 

Detailed online blackjack rules

After entering the betting table, the player will place money on the door that you think has a high chance of winning. Wait for the players to complete the bet within the specified time, the dealer will proceed to deal the cards to each person. The order of dealing cards is the dealer and players alternating. 

After both receive two trump cards, points will be calculated to decide whether to draw more or not. Each person can draw a maximum of three cards so that the total score is closest to 21. If you have a larger score, it is called a bust and you will lose directly. 

The player who wins blackjack will receive a bonus from the house according to the prescribed rate. Otherwise, you will lose the entire amount you initially bet. 

How to calculate points when playing blackjack

When playing games, scoring plays a very important role. You must understand clearly to calculate accurately and come up with appropriate and effective strategies. As follows:

  • If the total score of the cards with A is greater than 11, it is calculated as 1 point.
  • If the total score of cards with A is less than 11, it is calculated as 11 points.
  • If you own 2 A cards, it counts as 1 point.
  • Cards from 2-10 have points equivalent to the number printed on each card.
  • Head-shaped cards like J, Q, K = 10 points.

Share techniques for counting cards to play unbeaten blackjack

Although it is a relatively simple game, to conquer the big prize, you need to have a strategy. One of the ways to play is being member’s Kubet The most popular is card counting. Specifically how to do it as follows:

Introduction What is card counting?

Surely there are still many players who do not clearly understand what the card counting strategy is. This is a skill that allows you to play the game effectively. When it happens, you will earn a lot of bonuses. 

Accordingly, if the advantage changes in favor of the dealer, they often bet less or stop playing. Members can gain advantages over the house by placing such bets.

This campaign has been proven to be mathematically effective with high value cards such as 10s, figures and A giving the player an advantage. Meanwhile, low cards from 2-6 are beneficial to the dealer. The remaining cards are 7-9, which are not beneficial to anyone.
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How to count cards on software

If you use the card counting method on software, practice according to the following instructions. Specifically: 

  • Assign the value (+1) to cards 2 – 6 and (-1) to cards 10, pictures and A.
  • After the deal is complete, calculate the value of the additional cards drawn.
  • If the total card count is positive and there are many cards left undealt, increase your bet.
  • If the total score is negative and the community cards are few, reduce the bet.

How to practice counting cards

When counting cards, you can choose a quiet space such as a closed room. Because it will help you not be distracted, focus on analyzing and writing questions accurately. Because it is played online, members should prioritize such spaces.

Above is an introductory article, instructions on how to play blackjack and effective card counting strategies in the category live casino Kubet. If you have any questions about this method, please contact us immediately.