Bharat Club – India’s Lottery App Colour Game Online भारत क्लब

The Bharat Club Lottery casino slots and win the jackpot, you have a chance to win a lot of money along with gaming.

In today’s article, I will tell you how to earn money from the Bharat Club Color Prediction Game, which you can follow.

What is Bharat Club?

Bharat Club is both an Online Gaming Club and a Hub because more users are using it. Anyone fond of gaming must try Bharat Club at least once.

Here you get a 90% Guaranteed Bonus, Rewards, Gift Cards, and lots of Cash Prizes. Bharat Club gives a new look to your gaming style.

Bharat Club Invitation Code

Bharat Club Invite Code is asked for at the time of registration, if you use someone’s code then you and the person to whom the code is received get a Bonus.

Therefore, you should use our Bharat Club Invite Code “8541214218”, it is beneficial for both of us.

How to do Bharat Club Registration?

  •     Go to the official website (
  •     Here go to the account section and click on Register.
  •     Now enter your details (Mobile Number, Password, and Bharat Club Invitation Code).
  •     After that, accept the condition and click on the Register button, your Bharat Club registration will be successful.

Now login to the Nutan Bharat Club App using your login details and make full use of the app.

How to Login Bharat Club?

  •     Go to the official website.
  •     Go to the account section.
  •     Here you will get two options, Register and Login.
  •     You have to click on Login, enter the details, and complete the login.

Bharat Club Color Prediction Game

Bharat Club is a Trusted WinGo Gaming Site where Color Prediction Game is also available, you just have to enter the game and choose the correct color number.

Once you have selected one of your colors, as soon as the game ends and the number chosen by you appears in the result, you will win the Color Prediction Game and your winning money will start showing in your Bharat Club App Wallet.

You will be able to transfer the winning money directly to the bank, but yes! To participate in the Color Prediction Game, you have to first deposit some amount in your wallet, so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience in the game.

Is KYC required to withdraw money in the Bharat Club App?

No! You do not have to do any kind of KYC to withdraw money. You can transfer your winning money directly to your bank account instantly.

Bharat Club Hacks & Tricks

You will find many such websites or people on the internet who will tell you Bharat Club Hacks & Tricks, but you have to be careful with these people and platforms because you may suffer losses in this and you may have to face loss of money.

Always play with your skills and heart, yes but if you have complete trust in someone then you can use Bharat Club Hacks & Tricks given by him once.

Final Words

Download the Bharat Club App And Play Games, and you will become crazy about it, you will also get a sign-up Bonus and lots of rewards.

If you enjoyed reading the article, then share it with your friends and tell them about the Bharat Club App.