Are online casinos in Vietnam licensed yet?

It seems that the licensing of online casinos in Vietnam is something that many people who love this type of entertainment are looking forward to. To better understand this important information and to find reputable card game venues, we invite you to join us Download the New888 app Explore more in the content below.

Are online casinos in Vietnam licensed yet?

It can be said that the appearance of casinos has created a great step forward in the betting industry, contributing an important part to economic promotion and development. Therefore, in the international market, casinos have been highly appreciated. Perhaps you have at least once heard of famous casinos like Macau or Las Vegas, right?

With its strong attraction and ability to create high economic value, many countries around the world have considered casinos a form of public and legal entertainment. Even casinos are strictly protected and managed, with their scale managed by international gambling organizations.

Official information about online casino licensing in Vietnam

Currently, in Vietnam, there are 2 casinos that are actually licensed to operate legally, located in Phu Quoc and Quang Ninh. Players are allowed to participate for a period of 3 years, with the requirement of full compliance with the regulations of the gambling organization.

However, with online casinos, the situation is different. Until now, bookmakers have not been allowed to establish casino business headquarters in Vietnam, unless they are officially licensed. However, reality shows that you can still participate in entertainment at online casinos. Currently, many online casinos have appeared to meet people’s increasing entertainment betting needs. Rest assured that these sites operate openly and legally.

Criteria for online casinos in Vietnam to be licensed

Currently, in the entertainment betting market there are hundreds of bookmaker sites appearing, creating a diverse and vibrant playing field. However, this also makes players confused, not knowing which are the reputable bookmakers and easily falling into traps due to fake links.

Therefore, players should prefer reputable bookmakers such as downloading the New88 app and strictly comply with the house’s regulations to avoid worrying about legal issues. This will also best protect your interests in case a risk occurs.

In addition, when participating in online casinos, you also need to know how to evaluate the reputation of the house site based on the following factors:

  • Business license: The house must be granted a full business license from the state and protected by world law in all activities.
  • Investment sources from abroad: Reputable bookmakers often do not have headquarters or official agents in Vietnam and have investment from abroad.
  • Comply with tax obligations: The house must fully fulfill its annual tax obligations to the state.
  • Transparent game rules: Reputable bookmakers ensure clear, fair, and transparent game rules, protecting players’ rights and avoiding fraud and scams.
  • Linking with banks: Reputable online casino sites often have close links with state banks to ensure deposit/withdrawal transactions take place safely and quickly. 
  • Clear policy and terms: A reputable online casino site must have clear documents stating the policies, rights and obligations of players.

There are some conditions that players need to ensure when participating in online casinos

Online casino is a unique entertainment activity, so not everyone can participate in online betting games here. To avoid violating regulations and laws, you need to understand the specific conditions for participating in online casinos, including:
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  • Be a citizen of Vietnam with full capacity for civil acts.
  • Ages 21 and older.
  • Prove that you have a stable income source of at least 10,000,000 VND/month.
  • Do not fall into the cases prohibited from participating in online entertainment activities.
  • Absolutely do not take advantage of the online betting business to carry out illegal activities such as money laundering, smuggling, and similar activities.


Information about licensing online casinos in Vietnam has been clarified in the above content. Hopefully this information will help you feel more secure when participating in online casinos and freely playing your favorite games. If you are a fan of online casinos, then hurry up Download the New88 app on your phone to experience fascinating moments. Please regularly visit New88’s website to update many other useful entertainment experiences!